Saturday, May 30, 2015

Food: Zoey's Burger, Pasta & Sandwich

Aside from being known for it's famous pancit and kakanin, General Luna street in Malabon (my hometown) is slowly beginning to be a food hub of the city. Just last week I tried to dine in one of the newly established burger house along General Luna corner Kalahi street.
Grilling area
Counter Table Top area
The burger house is an open resto that is just beside the road. Their grilling post is open probably to see, feel and smell the aroma of the burgers being grilled. They have a separate kitchen inside for deep fry and toasting inside.

Zoey's gives you a good price for a decent burger not just by any fast food on the vicinity. Though I could not say that this is the best burger I have tasted but their burgers are way better compared to those in fast food restos around and as to my surprise it is affordable too.
Gelo's Bacon Mushroom Melt Madness
Their burgers are served with their home made fries and a glass of iced tea. They are boasting a 100% imported beef patty. So we ordered to different burgers and I was not disappointed with the taste and with the size of the burgers, even the fries tastes good. The burger is handed to you on a wooden plank and before your order arrives utensils will be given to you. Condiments are complete from ketchup to mustard.

Maybe next time I visit I will try their other menu like pasta. I give Zoey's a 4 out of five considering their price and their neat burger patty.

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