Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PLDT bought Sun Cellular (Digitel)

Found this article from Yugatech that PLDT, telecom that owns Smart, Talk and Text, and Red Mobile now acquires majority of the shares os Digitel, which owns Sun Cellular, lessening the competition that should be Smart vs Sun vs Globe to PLDT vs Globe, whoa! that is one big leap for PLDT! Having the third largest mobile network will leave Globe less than 1/3 of the mobile market! I do not know what is behind this merging they (PLDT and Digitel) will benefit on this deal. For PLDT of course they will acquire most of the market in mobile network, not only that did you know that Sun has bigger growth than Globe in the end of 2009, so having that fact PLDT will double its growth. For Sun Cellular, they will benefit from the cell sites of Smart all over the Philippines giving them stronger and wider signal all over the archipelago.

As for my opinion, Sun Cellular need not to be merged to PLDT since they have they're own growth in the mobile network market, giving their customer affordable unlimited calls and texts. Also, you may seem to belittle Sun Cellular as a secondary option but did you think being a secondary does not have a benefit, you might be wrong. I have friends that uses Globe or Smart and their secondary phone is Sun, if you closely think of it and do the math, on the mobile network market, Globe and Smart will both have 25% while Sun will have a whooping 50% share on the market. (If you are thinking where did I got my calculation that is just how I analyze the situation). I am not a Sun Cellular subscriber but I think it's a lost for them.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puerto Galera 2011 (way home)

morning at the beach
Droggy na kami kaya uwi na at kelangan pang magbreakfast bukas. Around 7 or 8am gumising kami to take our breakfast. We would like to taste again the Galera's version of Lomi, pero mali kami na napuntahang resto, hehehe. Instead the menu is pancake, which is my favorite also pero hindi ko gusto yung luto nila, tapsilog, sandwiches coffee and juices.

ang ninja at ang...
After having our breakfast it is time to take our bath on the beach, dun kami nagpunta sa far left ng beach kasi maraming bangka dun sa middle part since yun yung daungan ng mga bangka. The sand is dirty white compared to the other white sand beaches and medyo marumi, kasi kanya kanya atang linis sila dun, maraming basura like yosi, bottled water and glass bottle of alcohol. Kaya nagpunta kami dun sa far left kasi wala nang mga resto dun at wala maxadong kalat. 

with lablab
The water is still clear though the sun is not yet coming out. So we decided to swim and to take some pictures. After swimming we went back to our room and took a shower and then get our lunch we took our lunch just beside the resto kung saan kami naglunch when we first got to the beach. 
where we had our 2nd lunch
Masarap ung mga nasa menu nila, at mas masarap kung kinakain mo na, hehehe. Our menu for lunch are, liempo, chicken curry, chicken cordon bleu, sinigang, and chilli con carne and yes, it is a feast! Mas masarap toh dun sa masarap naming lunch kahapon, hehehe.

dawn at Galera
ninja doing the fire dance

Late na kami nakapag lunch kaya back to the room muna then after a while, bumaba ulit at kumain ng pizza at halo halo dun sa pinakadulong resto sa left side ng beach. May videoke din kaso naubusan sila ng 5 peso coin para ipalit sa pera namin kaya tumigil na din kami. Then we decided to go bar hopping again. Drunk some Sling and dance the night away, hehehe.

breakfast at Leynlie's
Our last day in Galera, we have our early breakfast and sa wakas ung gusto kong pancake eh nakain ko din, para kasi xang crepe with mango inside, tapos sandwiches and the usual silog meals. 

jump shot
packed and ready to go home
 Then we took a dip again in the beach and then we went back to our room to prepare our thing for our check-out. Same mode of transportation boat ride from Galera and bus towards cubao, since mas malapit kami sa terminal na un, hehehe.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seisha Coffee

Seisha Coffee @ Antipolo

Ang matagal nang pinaplanong Seisha session ay natuloy sa wakas! Though hindi lahat nakasama kagaya ng kopi sessions masaya pa rin :).

First things first hindi kami nagpunta dito para mag adik, hehehe, nagpunta kami d2 para maexperience ang sarap at bango ng... Kape! hehehe.
Located @ P. Oliveros Corner J.P. Rizal Antipolo City

Well Seisha is a small coffee shop located in Antipolo, walking distance from Antipolo Church. They offer hot and cold coffee, iced or frappe and some snacks on the side. It may not be as popular as Starbucks or other coffee shops in the metro but I can proudly say that the taste of their frappe can be compared to them, although I have just tried White Mocha Frappe in their menu, hehehe.
White Mocha Frappe

I also ordered spaghetti and it's sweet style pasta, I like! They have sandwiches and carbonara also. Besides from those they have FREE WIFI connection! o ha, meron ba ang Startbucks nyan? hehehe. Since hindi naman ganun ka popular cozy and ambiance at peaceful hindi katulad sa ibang popular coffee shops na ang daming nakatambay, hehehe.

Inside the Coffee Shop
Lastly we tried the real Seisha, the one that creates smoke, hehehe. It's like a bottle of perfume, at the bottom is flavored liquid mixture and on top is like burning charcoal. At first we don't know how to use it, basta hithit lan ng hithit, medu nagtataka kami kung bakit kontng usok lan ung lumabas, un pala may teknik pala para dun, hehehe.
You need to make the liquid bubble, the more bubble the more smoke, hehehe, kaya nung bandang huli naadik ako kc daming usok, hahaha! You will taste the flavor after you smoke, hindi rin nakakainis ung usok nya kagaya ng cigarette at hindi rin masama ang lasa at most of all walang nicotine, wakekekek. For health effects some say it is more toxic since you will be inhaling more smoke than normal cigarette some says its much lesser, I've search the net and even them are confused, see this link: The experience was very fun, the coffee taste good and the place is nice and quite. Highly recommended! I think there are open early in the morning until 2am the next day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Puerto Galera 2011 (where to stay)

Sa pagpapatuloy...

view of the beach from our boat
Sa wakas, sa nearly two hours naming wavy ride sa bangka, nakarating din kami sa pampang. Walang port sa White Beach dadaong lang ung bangka at sasadsad sa buhangin ibababa ang hagdan at dun kayo bababa, hehehe. Hinanap namin ung susundo sa amin papuntang hotel, medu natagalan kami kaya hinanap na lang namin ung hotel, at nakasalubong namin ung susundo sa amin, so late sila, hehehe. 
front of the hotel with our Arabian friend
Hindi nyo makikita ung hotel na un pagkababa nu ng bangka, it's far left ng beach. Bagong gawa lang ung hotel na tinuluyan namin, kasi last year wala naman un dun, hehehe. Malinis at bagong bago ang amoy, may free wifi nga kaso sa lobby lan, hehehe. Ang downside pinag antay nila kami sa check-in so medu nafrustrate ung mga kasama ko pero xempre cool lan ako. 
our first lunch @ VM resto

Since hindi pa kami makakapasok ng room, kumain muna kami ng lunch sa katapat lan na resto. Ang menu? ang binabalikbalikan naming liempo at ang masarap na kanin, at pork sinigang, with matching mais con hielo for dessert. Bumalik ulit kami sa hotel after an hour at hindi pa rin kami makakapasok. 
inside the room
Tinanong ko ung may-ari kung bakit nagtagal ung check-in namin, matagal daw kc nag check out ung mga naka check-in pa dun sa room na iooccupy namin. Pag pasok sa room, maamoy mo talagang bago pa, at lahat naman nang sinabi nung babae sa pier e nandun, cable TV, beds, hot and cold water. Nagpakuha pa ako ng extra mattress para sa isa pang bear na kasama namin, ung single bed kc eh pang isahan lan, single nga dba, hehehe. Yung extra mattress ay 300 pesos pero dahil magaling ako, nakuha ko xa for free, hehehe. Dahil pagod sa byahe, nagpahinga muna kami.
wala pang pagakin kaya picture picture muna... @ Peter's Resto
After taking a siesta lumbas na kami ng room for dinner, pinuntahan namin ung usual na kinakainan namin sa Peter's kaso nadismaya kami. nagrenovate nga sila ng place pero hindi na ganon ung food nila, konti ng servings at mukang minadali kahit sobrang tagal naming nag antay. Isa pa palang dapat nyong malaman, pagkumain kau kahit saan dun matagal talaga bago maserve ang pagkain kaya wag kaung mainip o magalit, talagang ganun lang dun, hehehe. 
the first bar we stayed
After the not successful dinner, we go grab a beer, not actually a beer but a mixed drink called Mindoro Sling. If you haven't gone to Galera yet and if you have plans on drinking you must try their local mix of Mindoro Sling, any bars on the beach offer that drink. Nagbago na nang konti ang Galera, 
the entertainers
Fire dance
nung una kaming nagpunta music and booze lan at medu may mga gerlalu pang nagseserve ngaun music plus booze at may entertainment na sila ngaun puro bading nga lan ung nageentertain at waitress nila, hehehe. May konting disco disco din sa ilang bar. A pitcher of Mindoro Sling will cost 330 pesos, you may try looking for a cheaper one though. Naka 6 pitchers kami so dibaydibay 6 bale tag iisang pityel kami, hahaha!

at the next bar
Last part next...

Coming up!

the waves

the people

the feast

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puerto Galera 2011 (how to go)

The Beach front

It is the time of the year na naman, kung saan nagkakasama sama kaming magkakabarkada na mag summer outing sa Puerto Galera, Occidental Mindoro. Pero this time medu kakaiba, kung bakit eh bashin nu na lan, hehehe. Dahil kadarating lang nang aming mahal na kaibigan arabo nagpasya kami na mag Galera dahil "dapat" eh summer na. Nagkita kita kami ng bandang 530 ng umaga sa KFC sa may Gil Puyat station ng LRT, malapit na kc dun ung terminal ng bus papuntang Batangas Pier. So pagkatapos mag almusal dumerecho na kami sa bus station pero sa labas pa lang ay may naghihintay ng bus.
The troop at the bus

Batangas ek ek yung pangalan ng bus, alam ko nga ang gamit nung bus na un ay biogas kasi napanuod ko un dati sa news. O well, bukod sa biogas ang gamit nila, malinis at komportable ang bus na un, para na ngang tourist bus eh. Php167 and pamasahe direcho papuntang Batangas Pier. Ang bilis lang ng byahe, 2 hours nandun na, gawa na kc ung Star Toll na drecho na nang Pier, so from SLEX drecho Star Toll na tapos Pier na, hehehe.

Sa pier you need to go to the part na pang byaheng White Beach, kc baka pumunta kau dun sa gate na pang RORO at mapunta kau kung saan, hahaha. We went to get our ticket from Father and Sons Lines, eto kc ung lagi naming sinasakyan though may mga ibang bangka naman. The ticket is 250 one way and if round trip it is 450 pesos.
At the terminal
After paying the boat ticket may babayaran pang environmental fee na 50pesos at terminal fee na 30pesos bago ka makakapasok sa terminal mismo. Hindi kami nagtagal sa terminal dahil paalis na din ang bangka. Bago kami lumabas mga nag offer na nang room sa amin Sea Jewel ung name ng Hotel. they offered 2000 per night good for 6persons. Para sa akin mura na ung room kaya kinuha ko na agad baka kc nagkaka ubusan na naman ng matutuluyan at mauwi kami sa squatters area, hehehe. So binayaran ko na nang buo bale 4k ung 3days 2 nights stay. Sabi nung nag offer ng room ay may aircon, cable TV, 2 double size beds and 1 single bed, hot and cold water, at wifi daw ung room kaya affordable na un para sa akin.

view of the port from the boat
So sakay na kami ng bangka, ang pangalan nung bangka ay Blue Penguin pero mostly yellow ung kulay nung bangka, bakit kc hindi na lan yellow penguin dba? Tsaka wala naman atang blue na penguin, hahaha! Kahit medu makulimlim puno pa rin ang bangka na nasakyan namin, sa pinkaharap kami nakaupo kasi akala namin masaya dun... Nagbyahe na ang bangka at since nasa unahan kami natatanaw namin ung nasa harap at to my surprise wala akong natatanaw na langit puro ulap, hahaha! Hinanda ko na ang sarili ko sa isang bumpy ride to Galera at ayon! bumpy ride nga, hahaha. First time naming magpunta dun na malakas ang alon, kaya nagtawanan na lan kami to ease the nervousness, hahaha! At dahil nasa unahan kami, e kami rin ang unang mababasa, ung gilid kc ng bangka may tabing na plastik kaya hindi nababasa ung nasa loob kahit tumatalsik talsik ang alon.


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the food

the swim
the dawn

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Job Openings for Fresh Grads to Experienced Professional

This is the time of the year na maraming estudyante ang naghahanap na nang mapapasukang trabaho para sa pamilya, para sa sarili at para sa inang bayan (meh ganun?!). Eto na ang inyong pagkakataon para makamit ang matagal nyo nang minimithi simula pa lang nang kayo ay magkolehiyo. Maari nyong makita ang mga openings sa kumpanyang eto para tignan kung anong posisyon ang inyong ninanais. Hindi lan para sa sa mga fresh grads pwede ring mag apply ang mga may expirience na sa larangan nang IT. 
For the rest of the information regarding this pwede nyong puntahan ang link na eto para sa Trend Micro (isang international antivirus company). Para mas mabilis pwede nyong isend ang inyong mga resume. By the way highway magkakaroon ng open house hiring sa March 14-16 sa 8th Floor, Rockwell Business Center Tower 2, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City katabi lan eto nang Medical City at Meralco compound sa Ortigas Avenue. Kindly put in Ericson Villaluna for the name of the refferal para mas mapabilis ung application. Thanks. I hope nakatulong ako sa inyong Job Hunting, hehehe. Apply lan ng apply malay nyo chance nyo na toh!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bakit walang Colgate sa SM?!

"We got it all for you..." tag line ng SM which I think the biggest earning malls here in the Philippines. Pero Nasa kanila nga ba lahat? Simula pa noon, pag ako ang naggogrocery ay sa SM supermarket talaga ako namimili, and I buy the usual stuffs, sabon, toothpaste, ang mga de lata. Pero I think last year o last last year napansin ko na wala na silang Colgate. 
Naitanong nyo na ba sa sarili nyo kung bakit? Nung nakaraang linggo nag grocery ulit ako at same scenario walang Colgate at this time since Palmolive ang sabon ko naghanap din ako ng Palmolive at wala din. Wat Da?!!! un ang main reason kung bkit ako pumunta sa supermarket at wala sila nung mga bblhin ko? Kaya nagpunta pa ako sa Watsons para bumili ng Colgate, meron naman kaso wala naman silang Palmolive na sabon, amps! Pahirap sa buhay. So I have done my home work and searched why those items are missing on SM Supermarkets shelves. Here is what I have found out:

According to an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer:

DON’T go looking for Colgate toothpaste in SM Supermarkets. Don’t go shopping there for Palmolive soap or shampoo either, because chances are, you won’t find any. That’s because the SM group and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive recently got into a tussle over billing issues, according to our sources.
According to the Colgate-Palmolive camp, the disagreement came about after SM insisted on a payment period beyond what is normal for FMCG items (a longer period would have positive and negative implications for either party, since “time is money”).
The SM camp, meanwhile, says the terms are static, and that a new Colgate-Palmolive manager who is “unaccustomed to the way business has always been done” has been pushing for better terms (that are clearly not better for SM).
Thus, Colgate-Palmolive’s products and merchandisers are no longer a fixture in SM Supermarket premises, prompting a high-stakes stand off between the two corporate giants.
Both firms rely on each other for a significant amount of their revenues. SM—the country’s biggest supermarket chain—is easily Colgate-Palmolive’s largest vendor. Colgate-Palmolive products, meanwhile, are some of the best-selling products of the chain, with daily sales estimated in the millions of pesos.
Yesterday, several SM Supermarkets showed thinning stocks of Colgate toothpaste, while Palmolive bath products were “out of stock,” according to the staff.
Neither side seems keen on prolonging the agony, however, and a source from the SM group said that they are “looking forward to resolving any differences.”
Of course, the question really is who will blink first?  

Daxim L. Lucas

Sa aking pagkakaintindi e nagkaroon sila ng mga desisyon na hindi sinang ayunan nang magkabilang kumpanya, at dinamay pa nila ng sabon kong Palmolive, amps! Even if  ipull out nila ung Colgate and Palmolive sa shelves nila I think those consumers that uses those products won't choose other brands so still it may have a downfall but just a little and may sabi sabi na malaki manghingi ng patong ang SM marami daw sila hinihingi sa iabng mga company gusto nilang mapabilang sa shelves nila. O well, problema na nila un, better go to a different supermarket para you got it all talaga! hehehe.