Sunday, July 10, 2011

Movie Tips

Since there are a lot of good movies this past few weeks and on the weeks ahead I have come up with some tips to make your "Go watch a movie" time always a moment to remember.
1.  First showing day - most of the time (on my college days) new movies has their first day of showing every Wednesday or Thursday. There must be a science behind this because most people will go to mall on weekends so why not do it a Saturday or Sunday right?!

2.  Check "Now Showing" - for those who just want an instant movie on their date or they just want to watch a movie, check the "Now Showing" list. These are the movies that are currently being shown on movie houses.

3.  Check "Next Attraction" - there are people who always plan ahead and wants there money well-spent. These are the movies that will be showed within 1-3 weeks after the "Now Showing" list. You will have ample time to check if the movie is a good movie or not, or if you want the first to know.

4.  Check "Coming Soon" - these are the movies most commonly seen on trailers before a movie starts. This movies are for those movie fanatics that will eagerly wait for it until it is available for viewing.

5.  Background Check - as of now, you have a movie in mind and it is time to check for reviews. Reviews are made after a critic has seen the movie though there are some pre-reviews but are very few and sometimes not accurate or convincing. You may check a critic review or a common movie goer review, it is really up to you on who you want to trust, hehehe.

6.  Reservations - if the movie that you will be watching is the talk-of-the-town, you will surely need to do this specially if you want to watch it on its first week. You may want also to watch it during weekdays since there are only few people who go to malls or cinemas because of work. Reservations are made online or at the cinema/customer service of malls. When reserving online do not forget to print out a copy of the reciept since this will be your ticket and do not forget to bring it with you when you are about to watch the movie.

7.  Attire - there is no specific attire inside the cinemas, from sandos, shorts to shoes or slippers, it is really up to you but just remember, inside the movie house there will be little light to make heat so better be prepared and bring a jacket handy. You will not want on the middle of the movie you are already chilling or wants to pee, you definitely won't enjoy the movie.

8.  Food and Drinks - for most of the cinemas you can bring food or drinks from outside but there are some foods that are prohibited inside the cinemas like rice meals, soups, or any messy food that will probably dirt the cinema.

9. Behavior - some people do not have the right behavior when watching a movie on a cinema. Turn off or put your phone in the silent mode. If there is an important call to take just tell the person to call you back after the movie or take the call outside the cinema so not to disturb those people watching. Observe silence, there are other people near you that will get irritated when you talk loudly. Don't put your feet at the back of the chair in front of you since it is really annoying. After the movie, if you can bring your trash with you and not just litter it on the ground to help on maintaining the cleanliness of the cinema just throw the garbage in trash bins. What you really need to remember is to respect others, since the movie house is also a public place and you are not the only one in it.

Those are the main points when watching a movie to really have a great time. So plan your next movie now, who knows you might see me there. :)