Sunday, July 10, 2011

Movie Tips

Since there are a lot of good movies this past few weeks and on the weeks ahead I have come up with some tips to make your "Go watch a movie" time always a moment to remember.
1.  First showing day - most of the time (on my college days) new movies has their first day of showing every Wednesday or Thursday. There must be a science behind this because most people will go to mall on weekends so why not do it a Saturday or Sunday right?!

2.  Check "Now Showing" - for those who just want an instant movie on their date or they just want to watch a movie, check the "Now Showing" list. These are the movies that are currently being shown on movie houses.

3.  Check "Next Attraction" - there are people who always plan ahead and wants there money well-spent. These are the movies that will be showed within 1-3 weeks after the "Now Showing" list. You will have ample time to check if the movie is a good movie or not, or if you want the first to know.

4.  Check "Coming Soon" - these are the movies most commonly seen on trailers before a movie starts. This movies are for those movie fanatics that will eagerly wait for it until it is available for viewing.

5.  Background Check - as of now, you have a movie in mind and it is time to check for reviews. Reviews are made after a critic has seen the movie though there are some pre-reviews but are very few and sometimes not accurate or convincing. You may check a critic review or a common movie goer review, it is really up to you on who you want to trust, hehehe.

6.  Reservations - if the movie that you will be watching is the talk-of-the-town, you will surely need to do this specially if you want to watch it on its first week. You may want also to watch it during weekdays since there are only few people who go to malls or cinemas because of work. Reservations are made online or at the cinema/customer service of malls. When reserving online do not forget to print out a copy of the reciept since this will be your ticket and do not forget to bring it with you when you are about to watch the movie.

7.  Attire - there is no specific attire inside the cinemas, from sandos, shorts to shoes or slippers, it is really up to you but just remember, inside the movie house there will be little light to make heat so better be prepared and bring a jacket handy. You will not want on the middle of the movie you are already chilling or wants to pee, you definitely won't enjoy the movie.

8.  Food and Drinks - for most of the cinemas you can bring food or drinks from outside but there are some foods that are prohibited inside the cinemas like rice meals, soups, or any messy food that will probably dirt the cinema.

9. Behavior - some people do not have the right behavior when watching a movie on a cinema. Turn off or put your phone in the silent mode. If there is an important call to take just tell the person to call you back after the movie or take the call outside the cinema so not to disturb those people watching. Observe silence, there are other people near you that will get irritated when you talk loudly. Don't put your feet at the back of the chair in front of you since it is really annoying. After the movie, if you can bring your trash with you and not just litter it on the ground to help on maintaining the cleanliness of the cinema just throw the garbage in trash bins. What you really need to remember is to respect others, since the movie house is also a public place and you are not the only one in it.

Those are the main points when watching a movie to really have a great time. So plan your next movie now, who knows you might see me there. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stackers Burgers

Nagyaya si lab lab mag Eastwood after shift para magmall, gusto ko rin sanang bumili ng pants, mas ok kasi mamili sa eastwood mall kesa sa ibang mall, konti ang tao same price lan din naman, hehehe, tsaka mas magaganda ang sinesale nila kesa sa ibang mall. So go na kami after shift and after magwindow shopping (dahil nakurips na naman ang inyong lingkod) nagutom kami, so nagiisip kami ng makakain, maganda sa eastwood ay marami kang mapagpipilian na kainan, simula sa karinderia hanggang sa mga sossy na resto. Gusto ni lab lab sanang mag crepe pero gusto ko munang kumain ng heavy meal before dessert, naisip naming mag mcdo na lan pero nanaig ang urge kong mag burger, hehehe. Ang pagpipilian mo dun e ang Johnny Rockets or Stackers. Nung unang beses kong kumain sa Johnny Rockets hindi ko nagustuhan kaya gora kami sa Stackers. Hindi lan burgers ang offered dito, may rice meal din sila pero chicken nga lan, hehehe. The best din ang chickens dito malalaki at mukang binusog ng pagmamahal bago pinirito.
lablab's burger worth Php125
Pero dahil burger house nga itech, nagburger kami. Lab lab bought a simple burger I forgot the name pero may "with cheese" un sa huli, hehehe. then mine is the Jack burger. Ung kay lab lab is a regular size burger with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and your own pick of sauce (hindi ko lan natandaan kung anong mga sauce na avail).
Jack burger worth 225
Jack burger is a quarter pound patty (hindi katulad nung nsa mcdo) with bacon, cheese and mga gulay. Also you may want to add fries and drinks for 65pesos. Sulit na rin kc homemade ung iced tea nila, at masarap ang fries, hehehe. We also bought milkshakes, masasarap ang milkshakes dito pero mas gusto ko ung nasa Johnny Rockets, hehehe. 
Milkshakes cost Php90
All in all Stackers is the best I have tasted so far with reagrds to taste and price. And by the way, they are open 24/7 and free WIFI. Photos taken using my Itouch's Leme Cam application. You may want to try their breakfast meal too. Happy Eating!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pahiyas 2011

Went to Lucban, Quezon province last May 15, 2011 for the annual Pahiyas Festival. Wikipedia defines Pahiyas as "The festival's name comes from the Filipino terms hiyas (jewel) and pahiyas (precious offering). " it is a festival for giving thanks for their good harvest. They usually dress their home with all kinds of crops like, vegetables, fruits, etc. First time kong magpunta dito, dahil malapit sa opis ang Antipolo at sabi ni Spiderham na mabilis daw ang byahe kung via Antipolo ang dadaanan namin route so dun nga kami dumaan. The road is all zigzag kaya medyo nakakahilo pero the scenery was great! Nakarting kami sa Lucban within 3 hours of travel. Then naglakad na lang kami papunta sa bayan mismo dahil sobrang trapik na. I won't describe kung anong mga nakita namin doon mas maganda kung tignan nu na lan ang mga pictures. Nagside trip kami sa Kamay ni Hesus, a church with a groto in a hill. Hindi ko na rin ieexplain kung anong nakita namin dun, just look at the pics, hehehe. Nung pauwi we use the Slex way but it took us i think 5 hours to return back to Pasig, I just do not know if the travel was too long or if we were just delayed by traffic. Below are the Pictures I have taken.

Banig na dingding

Bunot from niyog

Sayote with the gurls

Dahon ng Saging

Pinatuyong dahon ng buko

Grasses and kiping

I think this is palay

Kamatis house


Bahay Sitaw

the letters are made with corn

kiping, bunot, palay

statue of Jesus with Kamay ni Hesus signage

above is the Groto

chrush at the foot of the Groto

Entrance to the Groto

their own Noah's Arc

Though we thought that we can eat for free inside the houses like what we can see on TV maybe para lan sa mga media un, hehehe, it is still a fun experience to see a lot of houses that has decorations. I would suggest next year to visit this place, anywayz it is just a bus away from the busy Manila.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starbucks Happy Hour 2011

Just saw this on one of the post on Facebook. Starbucks will again have a  Happy Hour/s but only for 2 hours a day from May 2-8, 2011 12noon to 2pm. All their Frappuccino is on half the price. So get ready to fill in your cravings in this HOT HOT summer noon.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PLDT bought Sun Cellular (Digitel)

Found this article from Yugatech that PLDT, telecom that owns Smart, Talk and Text, and Red Mobile now acquires majority of the shares os Digitel, which owns Sun Cellular, lessening the competition that should be Smart vs Sun vs Globe to PLDT vs Globe, whoa! that is one big leap for PLDT! Having the third largest mobile network will leave Globe less than 1/3 of the mobile market! I do not know what is behind this merging they (PLDT and Digitel) will benefit on this deal. For PLDT of course they will acquire most of the market in mobile network, not only that did you know that Sun has bigger growth than Globe in the end of 2009, so having that fact PLDT will double its growth. For Sun Cellular, they will benefit from the cell sites of Smart all over the Philippines giving them stronger and wider signal all over the archipelago.

As for my opinion, Sun Cellular need not to be merged to PLDT since they have they're own growth in the mobile network market, giving their customer affordable unlimited calls and texts. Also, you may seem to belittle Sun Cellular as a secondary option but did you think being a secondary does not have a benefit, you might be wrong. I have friends that uses Globe or Smart and their secondary phone is Sun, if you closely think of it and do the math, on the mobile network market, Globe and Smart will both have 25% while Sun will have a whooping 50% share on the market. (If you are thinking where did I got my calculation that is just how I analyze the situation). I am not a Sun Cellular subscriber but I think it's a lost for them.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puerto Galera 2011 (way home)

morning at the beach
Droggy na kami kaya uwi na at kelangan pang magbreakfast bukas. Around 7 or 8am gumising kami to take our breakfast. We would like to taste again the Galera's version of Lomi, pero mali kami na napuntahang resto, hehehe. Instead the menu is pancake, which is my favorite also pero hindi ko gusto yung luto nila, tapsilog, sandwiches coffee and juices.

ang ninja at ang...
After having our breakfast it is time to take our bath on the beach, dun kami nagpunta sa far left ng beach kasi maraming bangka dun sa middle part since yun yung daungan ng mga bangka. The sand is dirty white compared to the other white sand beaches and medyo marumi, kasi kanya kanya atang linis sila dun, maraming basura like yosi, bottled water and glass bottle of alcohol. Kaya nagpunta kami dun sa far left kasi wala nang mga resto dun at wala maxadong kalat. 

with lablab
The water is still clear though the sun is not yet coming out. So we decided to swim and to take some pictures. After swimming we went back to our room and took a shower and then get our lunch we took our lunch just beside the resto kung saan kami naglunch when we first got to the beach. 
where we had our 2nd lunch
Masarap ung mga nasa menu nila, at mas masarap kung kinakain mo na, hehehe. Our menu for lunch are, liempo, chicken curry, chicken cordon bleu, sinigang, and chilli con carne and yes, it is a feast! Mas masarap toh dun sa masarap naming lunch kahapon, hehehe.

dawn at Galera
ninja doing the fire dance

Late na kami nakapag lunch kaya back to the room muna then after a while, bumaba ulit at kumain ng pizza at halo halo dun sa pinakadulong resto sa left side ng beach. May videoke din kaso naubusan sila ng 5 peso coin para ipalit sa pera namin kaya tumigil na din kami. Then we decided to go bar hopping again. Drunk some Sling and dance the night away, hehehe.

breakfast at Leynlie's
Our last day in Galera, we have our early breakfast and sa wakas ung gusto kong pancake eh nakain ko din, para kasi xang crepe with mango inside, tapos sandwiches and the usual silog meals. 

jump shot
packed and ready to go home
 Then we took a dip again in the beach and then we went back to our room to prepare our thing for our check-out. Same mode of transportation boat ride from Galera and bus towards cubao, since mas malapit kami sa terminal na un, hehehe.