Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Travel: Baler

Sabang Beach
I have been back and forth to Baler several times with different set of friends. This time let me share to you my experiences in the town called Baler.
It will take 6-7 hours travel from Manila and you can either use your car or ride a bus. There is only one bus liner that goes directly from Manila to Baler. Genesis bus can be found in cubao and it has direct route to Baler. There are no reservations here so better go to the bus station early. They only have night schedules from 11PM-1AM other than that you can take any bus going to Cabanatuan and then another bus to Baler.
Museo de Baler

Donya Aurora's House
Baler is known because of Sabang Beach which is a surfing spot that others want to visit. Other than that Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora which is rich in history. This is where President Manuel Luis Quezon is born. Still in the town is their house. You may want to visit the Museo de Baler once in the town and go look for Donya Aurora's house.
Once finish on touring the town, you may want to eat on the famous eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant, Gerry Shan's place. There are a lot of food choices from pork to sea foods. Unlimited iced tea is included in your meal together with some fresh fruits.
If you do not have yet a place to stay, yo don't have to worry. Inside the town there are a lot of hotels and transient houses that you can rent. If you want to rent beach front they have several lodge and hotels that you can rent, but I suggest to contact them before you go because during peak season most of those rooms near the beach will be occupied. I can recommend you Pacific Waves Inn they offer affordable and comfortable rooms good for family, couple or even team outings.
Sabang Beach

Newly Constructed pathway

Once settled in your hotel, have a view of Sabang beach. It is a stretch of fine black sand beach with unlimited waves. Waves vary in the season, during June to October the waves will normally be higher because the wind will be coming from the Pacific Ocean. For dinner, there are a lot of restaurant in the beach front, though it will be a little pricey. Try looking for affordable meals at the back of the hotels. There is a newly established grill restaurant that offers variety of menu that is affordable.
For breakfast there is a carinderia that we also so for silog meals. it is located at the back of Surfer Girls Lodge. Meals there are 50 pesos and up.
Affordable Silog meals
Try surfing in the morning or until you get tired (lol). Then after surfing, go to Ditumabo Falls. It is the mother falls in Baler. They also get hydro power from the falls as a source of electricity. When going to Ditumabo you can use your van only up to a certain area because the road will be full of rocks and only tricycle, trucks and 4x4 vehicles can go on to the drop of point.
Ermita Hills

View of Sabang Beach from Emita Hills
Before going home, visit Ermita hill to see the nice view of Sabang beach and the other beaches in Baler.

What to bring:
- swim wear
- sunblock
- mosquito repellent
- trekking sandals
- drybag
Where to eat:
- several eat-all-you-can buffet style restaurant in town (200-250 pesos)
- beach front restaurants (200-250 pesos per meal)
- carinderias besides Museo de Baler (50 - 100 pesos per meal)
- carinderias at the back of the beach (50 - 100 pesos per meal)
- bus to Baler via Genesis Bus (standard bus) 450 pesos
- JoyBus by Genesis Bus (sleeper bus) 700 pesos
- tricycle within Baler town 10-15 pesos

If you're travelling without a tour guide, use your smart phone and Google maps, it is very easy to locate the tourist spots as long as you know how to navigate.
There has been a big change in Baler since the first time I went there. The building of a luxurious hotel and the pathway that narrows the beach. I believe it is good for the community but still not too much or it will ruin the spot.


  1. Looks wonderful, but I understand waterfalls in the Philippines are not accessible for Seniors !?!

    1. Some waterfalls here in the Philippines have really challenging terrains. This waterfall can be visited by most people even the seniors. :), There are also some that you can reach through normal walking.