Friday, November 5, 2010

Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale

MegaTrade Hall I and II, MegaMall

Dahil Malapit nang magpasko nandito na ang inaabangan kong sale sa Toy Kingdom, hehehe. Hindi lan dahil medyo mababa ang presyo, libre din kasi ang pabalot ng mga regalo kaya hindi na ako mageeffort na magbalot at bumili ng pambalot at muka xang mamahalin kung ibibigay mo sa mga inaanak ko dahil Toy Kingdom din ang wrapper nila, hehehe. November 5 - 7 ang sale pero ung November 5 ay para lan sa mga member ng SM Advantage Card, SM Prestige Card, BDO Rewards Card at mga ilang piling Credit Cards. November 6 and 7 ay para sa lahat, so kung wala kang kahit anong card na aking nabanggit pwede kang bumili nang Advantage Card (Php150) o kaya pumunta sa mga araw na hindi na kailangan nang mga Membership Cards.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tokyo Cafe

 It is a Thursday, and since lab lab and I does not have a REAL date we decided to have one. She told me about this great resto that I should try.

Tokyo Cafe, SM North Edsa (The Block)
  It is found only at SM North Edsa (The Block) and SM Mall of Asia. So we decided to go to the nearest location which is SM North Edsa since she came from work that day. We found the place in the bridge connecting the Main building and the The Block. On the resto we saw only 1 couple dining in since it is early in the morning and the mall itself has just opened.

Inside the resto
The ambiance is cozy and the staff are very accommodating. One of the staff approach us to get our order and I was amazed (I don't know about lab lab) that she does not have a pen and paper, she just got our order by just remembering what are those! And I thought that she will return back because she forgot some of our orders but she did not, what a talent.

Anyways, going back to the menu, most of the dishes are pasta and burgers, and since we want to have a rice meal we opted to go for the rice meals rather than the burger.

Chicken and Cheese Roll (Php238)
Bacon Tomato Cream (Php218)

Prok Shoga Yaki (Php180)
 First stop, Chicken and Cheese Roll. This was recommended and ordered by lab lab. To simply describe this dish, it is like cordon bleu without the ham which you can dip into a salsa sauce but I prefer to eat it without the dip. Next is Pork Shoga Yaki, thin pork slices with Japanese soy sauce and ginger and I tell you this pork tastes like beef! And the serving will fill your appetite, this is the second dish I like in our feast I will tell you later the first, hehehe. Then ordered pasta, Bacon Tomato Cream, it has some sweet, salty, sour, and spicy taste and the serving is good for two persons. Now it is time for our drinks/dessert.

Iced Chocolano (Php121)
Cafe Jelly Smoogee (Php126)
Lab lab ordered a Cafe Jelly Smoogee and this one is better than Coffee Jelly of Starbucks! the coffee jelly is soft and smooth not like the one on SB and the taste is awesome!!! And this is the moment your waiting for, the top dish or should I say drink that I had in this resto is the Iced Chocolano and damn! this is good! by just looking at it you can wait but to sip it! It came with a sugar syrup for those who like it sweet since it was prepared without sweetener and it is my first time to see a chocolate whip cream! not just a whip cream with chocolate syrup but chocolate whip cream with chocolate syrup! yum yum yum! Tokyo Cafe is highly recommended to all, they have affordable meals also. And I think the next time I go there I will try their burgers, hehehe.